Financial solutions

Within Spain’s constantly evolving real estate market, Frux Capital Investments has been supporting companies with an alternative path to financing. Since the 2008 crisis, many firms have experienced difficulties in accessing finance, while banks have retreated from the system reducing the overall supply of financing available.  

Since 2015, Frux Capital has become crucial within its industry through financing companies that have not succeeded to gain traditional bank financing, therefore enabling companies to achieve their financial goals. As the Covid-19 health crisis has unfolded, and currently facing global macro-economic turmoil, Frux Capital has been offering financial solutions to real estate companies. Frux Capital’s team has broad experience working with a variety of companies and projects in the real estate sector and can tailor specific solutions for each and all financial needs.

What financial solutions do we offer?

Frux Capital covers a wide range of financial structures with a few principal points:

  • Asset-backed, or corporate with other strong collateral
  • Bridge loans (up to 48 months)
  • Commercial terms and costs are market competitive and are based on the specific attributes and risk profile of each project.
  • Senior loans, whole loans and preferred equity solutions

Plot Acquisition

Financing of early-stage projects, including land acquisition.

Allowing the company to begin the development process and move forward until
reaching refinancing or disposition point

Real Estate Developments

Providing capital to develop wide range of projects, from construction to

Frux Capital enables the client to borrow the funds necessary to complete 100% of

Corporate Financing

Wide range of corporate financing solutions secured by real estate assets or other

Debt Restructuring

Fast financial solutions to restructure existing debt. With its long market experience,
Frux Capital is able to assist many financial scenarios where tradional lenders

Debt cancellations: including refinancing of existing liabilities, debt write-off
and court settelments.